We have a product list of over 200 different breads and pastries.
Here is a list of our more popular products.

6" Hot Dog
7" Hero
7" Hero/Vienna
8" Hero, Vienna
Hot Dog Foot Long
Bucket Wheat
Bucket Rye
18" Cuban/3 pack
French Loaves
Small 1oz. Breadsticks

Large 1.5 oz. Breadsticks
5" Muffalata/Potato Bun
4 1/2" Kaiser Plain SL
4" Kaiser Plain
Basket Rye
Marble Rye
Basket Wheat
5 Grain Wheat
Honey Wheat
Basket White

Central Florida Distributor
8630 Buccilli Dr.
Orlando, FL 32829
407-574-8089   Fax 407-574-2003

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